GDPR Compliance Bundle for Barristers
GDPR Compliance Bundle for Barristers

GDPR Compliance Bundle for Barristers

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An advanced-level product, our compliance bundle for barristers provides barristers with everything they need to ensure a high level of data protection and GDPR compliance within their practice.

Combining the four key areas of compliance; 

  • Training,
  • Risk Assessment,
  • Documentation, and
  • Certification,

This bundle leaves barristers safe in the knowledge that they are up to date with GDPR best practice.  


The easy to digest training is especially designed for barristers, focused upon the specific data protection challenges that exist within chambers today.

Content includes:

  • The logic behind data protection legislation
  • Introduction to and history of GDPR
  • Key definitions under GDPR
  • Definitions of the 8 GDPR principles and their practical use
  • The rights of data subjects
  • Subject access requests
  • The ICO and it’s powers 
  • Data breaches and how to handle them
  • Risks of a data breach 
  • International transfers of data 
  • 3 sample crisis situations and their answers. 

Additional benefits:

  • Real-life case studies
  • Formal post-training assessment
  • Certificate of excellence for respondents scoring >80%.

Gap Analysis

In order to know how to improve your data protection practices, firstly you need to know your current GDPR positioning. Our detailed self assessment will guide you through an analysis of your practice, enabling you to identify any areas of exposure and providing you with the framework you need to ensure your practice is GDPR ready. 


Our online resource library featuring 13 key templates, will talk you through and help you to create, in a simple and cost-effective manner, the policies you need in place in order to demonstrate GDPR best practice


To achieve the Briefed Data Protection Quality Mark you are required to score >80% in the training module and to meet nine core criteria as set out in the self-certification form. 

Achievement of the Briefed Quality Mark in Data Protection will enable you to communicate your commitment to ensuring the safety of your client’s data and meeting GDPR best practice. 

Once you have made your purchase you will be asked to submit the names and email addresses of your employees so their personal accounts may be set up.