GDPR & Data Protection Awareness Training For Chambers Staff

GDPR & Data Protection Awareness Training For Chambers Staff

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This course is charged Per Employee

An advanced-level e-learning course, designed for chambers staff and focused upon the specific data protection challenges that exist within legal chambers today, this course will teach chambers staff how to appropriately manage the personal information they process, as well as how to guide and protect their barristers.

Content includes:

  • The logic behind data protection legislation
  • Introduction to and history of GDPR
  • Key definitions under GDPR
  • Definitions of the 6 GDPR principles and their practical use
  • The rights of data subjects
  • Subject access requests
  • The ICO and it’s powers 
  • Data breaches and how to handle them
  • Risks of a data breach 
  • International transfers of data 
  • Sample crisis situations. 

Additional benefits:

  • Real-life case studies
  • Formal post-training assessment
  • Certificate of excellence for respondents scoring >80% 
  • Monthly reporting on completion levels and assessment scores.

Certificates of completion are awarded to all users who successfully complete the training. Those who achieve 80% or more in the Briefed Data Protection Awareness Training assessment will receive a Certificate of Excellence.

Once you have made your purchase you will be asked to submit the names and email addresses of your employees so their personal accounts may be set up.


The service offered by Briefed is efficient and prompt. The training programme itself is very user friendly.

More importantly, the content of the Staff Training programme is of a very high calibre and underlines many of the Data Protection issues currently facing Chambers.

One (very experienced) clerk commented “I thought I knew my stuff, but I had no real idea of just how exposed we are”.

Wendy Holmes

Chambers’ Administrator | Monckton Chambers